Dumbarton Football Club - Sons of the Rock 1872

Disabled Supporters Information

Updated May 2018

Accessible Policy & Procedures: General Policy:

The Club is committed to ensuring that its disabled supporters and customers have as full access as is reasonably possible to make to all goods, services and facilities provided or offered to the public by the Club. The Club recognises that not all of its facilities are fully accessible to disabled customers and is committed to making the necessary reasonable adjustments described by the Equalities Act 2010 to ensure full compliance with the legislation. This includes additional duties for the removal of permanent barriers which prevent access to club facilities, such as the Directors Box, however disabled access is readily available to all function suites, home and away concourses and associated toilet facilities.

Disability Access Officer (DAO):
The Club employs a Disability Access Officer (DAO) to support, as necessary, the needs of all Disabled Supporters and in doing so, the Club will ensure there is no discrimination between persons with different disabilities. The DAO will work closely with the Dumbarton FC Supporter's organisations to ensure the needs of all Disabled Supporters are fully considered.
Our Disability Access Officer is David Douglas; Contact Number: 07702046671

Ticketing Procedures:
The Club will operate a concessionary ticketing policy for disabled supporters and will ensure that the scheme does not discriminate between disabled people with differing impairments.

Provision of Information on Club Operations:
Information on all club activities is listed on the Club's comprehensive website and is supported by social media releases, match day programmes and radio/press announcements. Information can also be obtained by visiting or contacting the Club to discuss any issues with a relevant member of staff. Alternatively, direct contact may be made with the Disability Access Officer.

Match Day Stewarding:
The Club employs contract stewards from AKC Events to assist in the control of all stadium events and deal with spectator's needs. They also have an active role in any emergency situation and receive full training from their company on a continual basis. AKC Events has advised the Club this training incorporates disability awareness.
To assist you in enjoying your visit to Dumbarton Football Club please note below.

Accessible Parking:
The Stadium benefits from substantial on-site car parking which includes 22 dedicated disability spaces. Disabled supporters who are able to do so are welcome to use the turnstile access at both home and away ends of the ground.
Disabled supporters who are unable to access via the turnstiles will gain admission to the Stadium via the Main Entrance where they will be escorted by a dedicated steward to their allotted seat.

Personal Assistants:
Where a disabled supporter* requires a personal assistant, the assistant will be permitted access free of charge. Entitlement will be based on the disabled person satisfying at least one of the following criteria, which failing, a letter from a G.P. confirming the need for a personal assistant.
• You receive the enhanced level of mobility or daily living allowance within the Personal Independence Payment
• You are Blind or partially sighted and have a registration certificate (BD8 or CVI Certificate) or other relevant evidence and/or
• You are included in the Social Services Deaf Register or can confirm that hearing loss has been recorded at 70 – 95 dB or worse
Evidence of entitlement must be provided at the time of purchase. Any questions or advice on this subject should be addressed to the club's Disability Access Officer.
*In the interests of safety, the Club believes that children under 12 years of age (on or after 1st July) should be accompanied by an adult when attending fixtures at the C&G Systems Stadium. As a result, disabled children falling into this age group will not be entitled to a personal assistant.

Toilet Facilities:
Within both the away and home concourses there is a unisex disabled toilet facility, which is clearly signposted and is regularly checked by concourse stewards.
The Function Room toilet provision has dedicated disabled cubicles in both male and female toilets. All toilets are provided with Assistance Alarms.

The Club has a grievance procedure in place and guarantees to its disabled supporters and customers that any complaints of discrimination will be dealt with quickly under that procedure. The Club has advised its staff that any incident of discrimination under the provisions of the Act is a serious matter and will be dealt with under the Club's Disciplinary Procedures.

Stadium Signage:
The Club in consultation with the Disability Access Officer will continue to review and identify any signage needs. This will be particularly relevant following any refurbishment or alteration.

Staff Training:
The Club will review the requirements for staff training and provide the necessary training to staff as required.