Dumbarton Football Club - Sons of the Rock 1872

Be A Mascot For The Day

Give your child a matchday to remember at the Dumbarton Football Stadium and be a mascot for the day.

If your child is a Sons supporter, then their day as the team's mascot will be a day they will never forget.

Our match mascots get to meet the players and the management before the game, and then also leads the way out onto the playing surface at the front of the queue with the team captain in front of the home crowd.

The full afternoon includes:

Tour of changing room pre-game.

Meets Manager and Players
Walks onto pitch with team captain

DFC kit is NOT supplied.

If you'd like to apply, complete the form below and tell us what game you'd like to be involved in.

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Contact the club on 01389 762569 or email to office@dumbartonfc.co.uk for further details.