Dumbarton Football Club - Sons of the Rock 1872


Friday 3rd August 2018

TOMORROW, our journey begins.

Eighty-three days since Alloa Athletic left the C&G Systems Stadium in triumph, Dumbarton, for the first time since May 2012, play a League One fixture tomorrow.

Since beating Brechin City 4-2 over six years ago, all 216 of Sons' subsequent league outings have been in the second tier.

That run has now ended. The very mention of that Alloa game will forever be unpalatable and, well, we've had better preparations for the start of a league campaign than last Saturday.

But the regret of all of that has now stopped.

We are not looking back. From tomorrow, at East Fife, we are looking forward.

And for the next 10 months, it is one foot in front of the other.

League One is our challenge for at least the next 10 months. Whatever your views, that is irreversible and it is a challenge we must embrace.

We look forward to going back to grounds we have not visited in varying degrees of time.

Our visit to Brechin later in August is only five months after the last one; by contrast, November's trip to Montrose, just down the road from Glebe Park, will be our first in over nine years.

We look forward to 36 competitive and challenging matches, which, unlike the last six seasons, will mostly be against fellow part-time clubs.

We also have the aim that, at the end of those 36 games, we will have met our target.

There are some people who feel that high hopes are realistic; others don't. Everybody is entitled to their opinion.

There are, though, two things we wish to make absolutely clear.

If this season does end in success, it will only be after 36 rounds of hard work which has seen us earn every single point. To assume otherwise would be completely disrespectful to the other nine clubs in the division.

There is, though, no harm in having confidence that we can meet our goal.

How can we expect to win the doubters over if we don't think that things are achievable ourselves?

All at Dumbarton FC feel that the squad which has been assembled is capable of competing to a very high quality in this season's League One.

At the end of last season, we said that every single penny which could be made available to Stevie Aitken, would be made available. We have kept that promise.

This has resulted in players like Ross Forbes, Rory Loy, Andy Little and Michael Paton joining the squad, and the likes of Andy Dowie, Stuart Carswell and Calum Gallagher being retained.

We reiterate that our journey through to Saturday, May 4 at Arbroath, and possibly beyond that, will be tough. There are at least 36 obstacles between us and the ending we want.

But it is a journey we look forward to, and one which we hope YOU will be part of to the fullest possible extent.

Tomorrow is when our journey begins. Be part of it.

Have a great season.

Dumbarton Football Club