Dumbarton Football Club - Sons of the Rock 1872

Sons Supporters Trust

BEFORE moving to the splendid Strathclyde Homes Stadium, Dumbarton Football Club's operating situation was a difficult one.

Uncertainty over the future of the Club prompted concerned supporters to come together to discuss how the community and the fan base could help DFC progress.

On 22 May 2003 Dumbarton supporters made a little bit of Scottish football history when they met to inaugurate The Sons Supporters Trust, to approve a constitution and to elect its first office bearers.

So, what is our purpose at the Sonstrust? Well, our main object is to develop and strengthen the bonds between the Club (DFC) and its supporters. We will do this by building a shareholding at DFC and by our elected Trust Director on the board of Dumbarton FC.

The Trust is all about ownership and responsibility!

Ownership of shares in our club and the responsibility for helping get Dumbarton back where we think that they belong in Scottish football is part of our driving force.

The Sonstrust is an integral part of the continuing effort at Strathclyde Homes Stadium and now plays an integral part in shaping the future direction of Dumbarton FC.

For the first time, supporters of a Scottish League club have a genuine voice in the running of their club, and the Trusts“ massive share holding makes it a voice that must be listened to.

The Sonstrust Board and the wider membership comprises representatives of all sections of our support including Season Ticket Holders, the Sons Weekly Lottery, the Dumbarton Community Stadium Company and non-season ticket holders. We also welcome anyone who is keen to get involved on a personal level – even if only to help with a specific project.

The Sonstrust continues to raise funds to support the club and seeks to do this in ways which are complementary to the activities of the other Sons organisations.

The list of achievements which have benefitted the football club and the local community can be found on our website.

Individual membership of the Trust costs just £10.00 a year and you become a joint holder of shares in Dumbarton Football Club Ltd.

The Trust is always seeking more members, and more ideas, so make sure that you are part of the Sonstrust and that through it your voice is heard as a part owner of something that is part of all our lives!

For more information about joining the Sonstrust, contact the secretary or download the membership entry form

Sons Supporters Trust
Strathclyde Homes Stadium
Castle Road, Dumbarton
G82 1JJ
e-mail: secy@sonstrust.net