Dumbarton Football Club - Sons of the Rock 1872

White Smoke At The Rock

White Smoke At The Rock by Stephen Watt, DFC Poet in Residence.

Where were you when

the new manager was appointed?

Counting calories in the crisps' aisle,
halfway through a driving lesson,
editing your Facebook profile,
wrapping the first batch of Christmas presents,

shaving in a new hairstyle,
attending yet another drizzly wedding,
fixing roofing tiles
or in a pub guzzling something effervescent.

Something changed. Alien. Sanguine.

It changed casuals into watercolours,
turned photographers snap happy,
cast groundskeepers as sculptors,

shaped tomorrow into poetry

then positivity restored itself in blood,
hope bracketed player's bones
and the epitome of supporter's aspirations
roosted on his shoulders
like wings to fly with
or the leaden avoirdupois some can never carry.